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Since 1999, our commitment has been to provide high-quality clothing collections characterized by unique design and environmentally friendly principles. We prioritize sustainability throughout our product development, aligning with our Soöruz Ocean Protect.



The T-shirts and sweatshirts in our clothing collection are crafted from premium organic cotton fabric. This not only enhances comfort but also reduces the carbon footprint of the product while extending the durability of your clothing.

These designs originate from our desire to convey a powerful message of environmental protection through aesthetically pleasing and socially responsible imagery.

Key Details:

  • Made from 100% organic cotton.
  • Designed in France.
  • Manufactured in Europe (Portugal).


Technical boardshorts are a cornerstone of our clothing collection. Since 2012, we have been using recycled polyester fabric to create our boardshorts, contributing to the removal of millions of plastic bottles from the environment.

Although infinitely recyclable, it’s important to note that these materials are not biodegradable.

Our brand is firmly committed to protecting the oceans.

Key Details:

  • Crafted from recycled polyester (made from plastic bottles).
  • Designed in France.
  • High-performance with Stretch 4 stretch.
  • Quick-drying.
  • Heat-sealed for quality.


Soöruz continues its dedication to quality and environmental consciousness by offering beanies made in France. We always aim to find solutions that minimize the impact on future production processes.

We’ve collaborated with a French manufacturer and specially selected a yarn composed of various materials, including 5% alpaca, to ensure maximum comfort and warmth. Once the beanie is crafted, it undergoes a washing process, resulting in a remarkably soft finish.

Importantly, our beanies are produced in the Paris area, reducing our carbon footprint further by minimizing travel distance.

Our commitment to sustainability and quality is at the forefront of what our brand stands for. We strive to offer environmentally responsible and aesthetically appealing products that resonate with our customers’ values.

Other products from our clothing collection 

PONCHOS / towels



dresses – viscose

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