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Since 1999, we have been committed to offering high quality clothing collections with a unique design and an environmentally friendly conception. We optimize our choice of fabrics, dyes and prints in line with our Soöruz Ocean Protect Label.
The sustainability of our clothing collections is one of our priorities, because a sustainable product has less impact on nature.



Our T-shirts and Sweatshirts from our clothing collection are made from high quality organic cotton fabric. It brings comfort, reduces the carbon footprint of the product and improves the durability of your T-shirt.
Our designs come from a desire to share a strong message of environmental protection through aesthetic and committed visuals.

– 100% organic cotton
– Designed in France 
– Made in Europe (Portugal)


In our clothing collection, technical boardshorts are a must.
Since 2012, our boardshorts are made from recycled polyester. The manufacturing process removes millions of plastic bottles from the environment.
Infinitely recyclable, but not biodegradable.
A real desire of the brand to engage in the protection of the oceans.

– Recycled polyester (made from plastic bottles)
– Designed in France
– High performance : Stretch 4 stretch
– Quick drying
– Heat sealing


Söoruz continues its efforts in its quality and environmental approach by offering beanies made in France. The goal is to find solutions that will have less impact on future productions.

Thanks to the help of our French manufacturer, we have specially selected a yarn composed of different materials, including 5% alpaca, to ensure maximum comfort and warmth. Once the beanie is made, it is washed, which gives a very soft touch.

In addition, the beanies are made in the area of Paris, reducing our carbon footprint. By making them travel even less kilometers we respect the environment even more.

Other products from our clothing collection 

PONCHOS / towels



dresses – viscose

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