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BLUE LINE Eco-Friendly School Wetsuits

Blue Line

eco-friendly wetsuit
for clubs & schools who commit

BLUE LINE Eco-Friendly School Wetsuits

Eco-friendly wetsuit to get
into the water

« Build to last »

With the Blue Line, the french brand Soöruz signs a great first : equiped surf schools, sailling schools, cable wakeparks & all types of watersports with an eco-friendly wetsuit is a must. Innovative materials, recycled materials, longer life cycle… In 2019, the school wetsuit offers an eco-conception approach offering an excellent quality/price/environment ratio.

The eco-friendly school wetsuit
Manufactured with high quality materials, the new generation wetsuit is resolutely eco-responsible.
Neoprene, fabrics, prints, glue… all materials and processes are analyzed and developed to minimize the environmental impact throughout the product’s life cycle.

2019 Innovation by Soöruz
Leader on the school & rental market , Soöruz has chosen to include a high performance and environmental range for 2019.
With LRP©, a new material co-developed with suppliers, the composition of the Blue Line reache a new record rate of recycled polyester : between 80% and 100% .

The ideal wetsuit for watersports schools & rentals
Eco-friendly, The Blue line responds to the outstanding requirements of riders concerned about protecting their health and the environment. The Blue line is designed to last longer.
The critical zones of the wetsuits are reinforced at the seat area and knees. Each seam is made with a “stiched inside – glued – stiched outside” to guarantees robustness and maximum waterproofness.

Blue Line : Beginners will love it !
Freedom of movement, flexibility, lightness, comfort… Easy to put on, the Blue Line wetsuit integrates eco-responsibility criteria while guaranteeing its primary function : to be warm !

BLUE LINE Eco-Friendly School Wetsuits

Blue Line :
the wetsuit for
Watersports schools

BLUE LINE Eco-Friendly School Wetsuits

LRP© Limestone Recycled Polyester2019 Exclusivity
The Blue Line Range is made with LRP©, a new sandwich composed by a recycled polyester jersey & Limestone neoprene.

Duraflex reinforcement : the seat & knees are reinforced which guarantees an optimal lifetime of the wetsuit.

Protect skin collar : New collar optimized made to mimize rashes.

Glued sewn seams : The double GBS system guarantees an optimal water proofness & an optimal resistance face to the frequency of use. (available on 5/4 et 5/3mm)

Ergonomics : : experience, cut, freedom of movements, flexibility of materials

Color Tag : The color code on the back-zip, the sleeves & the inside leg : Timesaver ! Helps to identify easily the size of the wetsuit and facilitate the daily logistics for your school.

recycled polyester 
for 3/3 mm & shortys

1 wetsuit
30 to 45
plastic bottles

of water saved per kg
of manufacturing

BLUE LINE Eco-Friendly School Wetsuits

Recycled material, limestone neoprene, water based glue… Since 2013, we acted to find the best eco-friendly/sustainable solutions for our wetsuits. Partnering with our suppliers, we developed new materials and fabrics more “eco-friendly”.

‘‘ Choosing the eco-conception revealed an evidence : The link between the Human Being and the Nature, between the persons passionate about riding and the water’’

Today, we are moving forward with massive investment into the R&D. Our ambition: develop some new eco-friendly wetsuits.

Constantly integrating the eco-conception into our manufacturing process represents more than just one line of innovation.
Our engagement/commitment is reflected by the placement on the market of a new School wetsuit for 2019. A performing and eco-friendly wetsuit built to last, the BLUE LINE.

Yann & Matthieu, Soöruz founders

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