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Looking To The Future


We are living with the same passion, the ocean’s passion and pleasure to practice water sports. We are co-developing with our suppliers, partners, riders and you our community around innovative and qualitative products in which we have integrated the environmental and social dimensions all along the product’s life cycle.


Thanks to its experience and passion Soöruz can share its know-how with its clients to enable them to have pleasure and live their passion. It is through its culture of the quality and skills that Soöruz is nowadays able to conceive effective products with a great value for money.
Soöruz is leading its all staff to the excellence by constantly integrating the notion of innovation in its products development.
In addition, the client’s satisfaction is a priority for Soöruz that allows the company to keep on developing new projects and entering new markets.


With more than twenty years experience Soöruz has developed a true expertise. It is thanks to a careful listening to its riders, clients and users, the Soöruz’ family, that the company is working to develop innovative and effective products.
Aware of the market’s transformations due to the current growing environmental stakes, the constant evolution of water sports practices, equipments and riders’ expectations Soöruz has decided to strengthen its R&D department. It is by closely working with its suppliers and experts in design, R&D, and eco-conception towards new products that Soöruz wants to innovate and find more effective products for a safety practice for today and tomorrow.


For several years now Soöruz has orientated its suits conception approach toward an eco-friendly and responsible one by working closely with its suppliers.
The company’s goal is to reduce its products environmental impact by developing and using new materials that are stronger, more responsible and sustainable.
Soöruz’ wish is to integrate the environmental dimension as a fundamental value in the conception of its products. In that way the company has strengthen its R&D department to transform the environmental stakes into innovation opportunities.