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Soöruz integrates the environment into its innovation process to provide high quality, high performance and responsible products.


Eco-design actions implemented through the Ocean Protect Soöruz approach until 2019

 From birth to the end of the product’s life, our experience allows us to know all the players involved in the product.
This allows us to meet their expectations and optimize the life cycle of the product.

    • Partnering with the payment system PAYGREEN for the B2C.
    • Conception of our products with the assistance of our users to develop sustainable and premium quality products. 
    • Set-up of a last after sales service including some reparation machine at the headquarter. 
    • Warranty on all our neoprene products as a durability engagement. 
    • The S2Life Programme (Soöruz Second Life) promotes the re-use and recovery of end-of-life products.
    • Program collection of used wetsuit  
    • Trash process of wetsuit
    • Re-used of thrashed wetsuit into new using

Eco-design award – France – Nouvelle Aquitaine 2019

SOÖRUZ rewarded

by 2 eco-design awards to the regional symposium organized by the network of CCI Nouvelle-Aquitaine, l’ADEME, la REGION and their partners.


Perfect Waves, warm water, high level...
@thomas_dbrr didn't really go home to chill this winter
Enjoy! 🔥
Full video: Link in bio
🎥 : @seamon.lvs
Des vagues parfaites, de l'eau chaude, du gros niveau... Thomas Debierre n'est pas rentré chez lui pour se reposer cet hiver
Enjoy! 🔥
Vidéo complète : lien dans la bio
🎥 : @seamon.lvs

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The Bella storm hit the Basque Country's coasts at the end of last December 🌊💨
@tomtraversa as a good storm Chaser was present 👊
Full Video : Link in bio
Thanks to @stefvideo_production for the great footage
🇫🇷 La tempête Bella frappait les cotes du Pays Basque fin décembre dernier 🌊💨
@tomtraversa en bon Storm chaser était présent 👊
Lien dans la bio pour la vidéo complète
Merci à @stefvideo_production pour les images

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The month of February offered us exceptional conditions! @tomtraversa also had plenty of good sessions in Portugal between Peniche and Nazaré 💨🌊🇵🇹
📸 : @joao.pedro.rocha
🇫🇷 Le mois de février nous a offert des conditions exceptionnelles ! @tomtraversa a lui aussi fait le plein de bonnes sessions au Portugal entre Peniche et Nazaré 💨🌊🇵🇹
📸 : @joao.pedro.rocha

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This new seam on the for arms allows us to save 1 neoprene panel ♻️♻️♻️ per wetsuit without affecting its performances🔥
We've added it on all our GURU wetsuits
📸 : @johnduquoc
🇫🇷 Cette nouvelle couture sur l'avant bras nous permet d'économiser 1 panneau de néoprène ♻♻♻ par combinaison sans affecter ses performances 🔥
Nous l'avons ajouté en bout de manche de toutes nos combinaison GURU
📸 : @johnduquoc

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