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Soöruz is dedicated to incorporating environmental considerations into its innovation process to deliver products that are not only of high quality and high performance but also socially responsible.


Eco-Design Actions Implemented Through the Soöruz Ocean Protect Approach up to 2019

From the inception of a product to the end of its life, our extensive experience allows us to engage with all stakeholders involved in the product’s lifecycle. This enables us to optimize the product’s entire life cycle.

Here are some of the eco-design actions we have implemented:

    • Partnership with the payment system PAYGREEN for B2C transactions.
    • Product development with end user input to create sustainable, premium-quality products.
    • Establishment of a comprehensive after-sales service, including repair capabilities at our headquarters.
    • Warranty on all our neoprene products as a commitment to durability.
    • The S2Life Programme (Soöruz Second Life) promotes 
    • The reuse and recovery of end-of-life products,
    • Including the collection of used wetsuits, 
    • The recycling of wetsuits, and repurposing old wetsuits into new products.

Eco-design award – France – Nouvelle Aquitaine 2019

SOÖRUZ rewarded

by 2 eco-design awards to the regional symposium organized by the network of CCI Nouvelle-Aquitaine, l’ADEME, la REGION and their partners.


Merci Chipri we love you 🕊️🖤

🎥 @arturoloustau (full video link in bio)

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🇫🇷 « Inner Peace est un voyage à travers l’Indonésie qui m’a permis de me reconnecter à l’essence même du surf : s’amuser. »

Voici le teaser du film de @thomas_dbrr et Florian Miot-Miot, retrouve l’article de @surfsessionmag et la vidéo complète en bio🔗

« Inner Peace is a journey through Indonesia which really reconnects to the essence of surfing : having fun. »

Here’s the teaser for @thomas_dbrr and Florian Miot-Bruneau’s film, find the @surfsessionmag article and full video in bio🔗

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Here’s the teaser for @thomas_dbrr and Florian Miot-Bruneau’s film, now available on Youtube (link in bio🔗) ⚡
«  Inner Peace is a little journey through Indonesia which really reconnect to the essence of surfing : having fun.
Being a competitor on the QS can be tough, specially this year as I was coming back from an ankle surgery and didn’t perform as well as I wanted to. I really needed to escape from all the pressure I was putting on myself because I was not enjoying surfing as much as before and my mental health was also going downhill. We decided with my childhood friends to go in Indo without any real plans but just to enjoy the moment and surf as much as we could. We had a camera packed with us and we would film each other when waves were average and handled our camera to some locals we met when waves got better. I ended up stacking some fun clips and this trip really made me realize how much I love surfing and how it benefits my overall well being when there’s no pressure. Now I will always remind myself that surfing is really about sharing the stoke and being connected to the ocean ! »

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a style demonstration by @julesdenel captured by 🎥 @ludo_marquier 🔥

#performance #wetsuit #actionsports #windsurf #windmagazine

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Embark on adventures🧭 without fearing the elements⛈️
The Tucker + is Sooruz’s technical jacket 🌪️

Superior Comfort:
Micro-fleece interior in the hood.
Adjustable system at the hood, wrists, and waist for a personalized fit.
46% Recycled Polyester 54% Polyester ♻️

Partez à l’aventure 🧭 sans craindre les éléments⛈️
La Tucker + est la veste technique de Sooruz 🌪️

Confort Supérieur :
- Intérieur de la capuche en micro-polaire
- Système de serrage au niveau de la capuche, des poignets et du tour de taille pour un ajustement personnalisé

46% Polyester Recyclé 54% Polyester ♻️

#techwear #teamsooruz #surf #30k

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3 hits of @katinkabuiting during the @wakeboardstreetjam of this summer 💥, that looks really easy for here… 🥴

3 tricks de @katinkabuiting pendant le @wakeboardstreetjam de cet été 💥, ça a l’air vraiment simple pour elle… 🥴

#wake #teamsooruz #wakeboarding #wakeboard #streetjam

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