Clothing collection

Since 1999, we have been committed to offering you high-quality clothing collections with a unique design and environmentally friendly design. We optimise our choice of fabrics, dyes and prints in line with our Soöruz Ocean Protect Label. The sustainability of our textile collections is one of our priorities, because a sustainable product has less impact on nature.  


Committed design clothes, quality fabric in organic cotton & Portuguese manufacture.


Same rigour as for our T-shirts, our sweaters come from the same factory. Quality organic cotton and made in Portugal.


Light, quick-drying and made of recycled polyester, it’s what every riders need.


The selected fabric is a thick flannel that keeps you warm in winter and on long summer evenings.


Coach jacket or down jacket, our Jackets range will take care of you. 

Caps, Hats & Beanies

Compulsory accessories, in all seasons. 


Unsere Poncho Kollektion mit vielfältigen Modellen (verschiedene Designs, Materialien, Ausstattung…)

Women clothing

T-shirts, Dress, Boardshorts, Lycras, Sweats, Leggings, …

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