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Soöruz & PayGreen improve the solidarity of the online payment.

Soöruz always cared about the environment and its evolution while focusing on performances.

Our choice of partnering with Paygreen ©, a secure payment system is logical and in line with the values of the brand.

Based in France (Seine-Maritime), Paygreen is an online credit card payment solution.
It has a positive impact on our society and environment and has been adopted by 3000 e-commerce fully satisfied. 

We invite you today to compensate the carbon impact of your order:
The financial compensation of the CO2 generated by your online purchase è With TREE (Ecological and E-Commerce Readjustment Technology),
a carbon compensation algorithm that financially support the Environmental Organization “Reforest’Action”, partner of Paygreen. 
Etienne Beaugrand, PayGreen CEO explains that the calculation takes into account the carbon
emission linked to: the customer online browsing, package weight, shipment distance and the means of transport used.   

 After several eco friendly and technical innovations on our products,
we are proud to offer our customers a French eco-responsible payment system, more efficient and secure.

 Soöruz invites you to be eco-responsible in your payment thanks to Pay Green

On the moment of your paiment you can give to this two associations.

Surfrider foundation

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Carbon Compensation Partner Association: Reforest'Action


Tree : l’algorithme qui calcule votre empreinte carbone

PayGreen has developed "Tree":  the first algorithm able to estimate CO2 emissions

linked to an order on the internet, the first click of a user until the delivery of the product.

By integrating Tree directly into our payment page,

we offer the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions of your order.