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Soöruz CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) encompasses all the practices implemented by our company in order to respect the principles of sustainable development (social, environmental and economic).

CSR is a continuous improvement approach. Its exist to constantly evolve. To value it, internally and externally, is to federate, with humility and indulgence, around "small steps" that will become great, if we take the trouble to do so.


Kraft paper pouch for round trip

 Since 2019, we have been selecting environmentally friendly packaging to send your orders. This new re-shippable packaging replaces the old white opaque plastic pouches.

Features : 

Ecological: 100% paper and 100% recyclable. The ecological alternative to the opaque plastic pouch.

Very resistant: two layers of kraft, 110 g/m² outside and 60 g/m² inside.

Easy re-shipment: 2 adhesive strips, one for shipping, the other for a possible return.




Solidarity Payment Solution

PayGreen is a payment solution that allows any platform to accept online payments in a simple and secure way.

Solidarity solution
We want every purchase made online to bring about positive change somewhere in the world by creating a virtuous circle where consumption and positive action are linked.

This is why we offer two solidarity options: Online Rounding and Tree, the carbon offsetting algorithm to allow consumers to make sense of their online purchases.

Reduce the environmental impact of online platforms
E-commerce consumes a lot of energy: CO2 emissions related to the hosting and operation of e-commerce sites themselves, user navigation and, of course, the delivery of ordered products.

Tree calculates the greenhouse gas emissions emitted by your customers' orders and offers them the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint by paying an equivalent amount to finance the Madre de Dios project, which works for the sustainable exploitation of wood in Peru and protects the local natural and social environment of the Amazon forest.

This amount is indexed to the price of one tonne of CO2.


ThinkGreen - Environmental protection Responsibility for our environment
Protecting our environment is a fundamental principle of GLS, which its employees apply on a daily basis throughout Europe.

In 2008, GLS launched its ThinkGreen sustainable development initiative to actively coordinate and promote the various activities carried out within the GLS Group.

Objectives of the initiative:

Promote responsible use of resources
Reducing emissions
Optimize waste disposal
A willingness to think and act in an eco-responsible way is evident in all areas of the company - from transport planning to buildings and workplaces.

Environmental managers are present in all GLS subsidiaries. They ensure the implementation of environmental measures taken at Group level.