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  • Universal Wetsuit Hanger

    Price €37.46

    GODRY HANGER is the perfect accessory to dry your suit.

    Today the neoprene and naturalprene of our Soöruz suits has become so soft that we recommend that you do not drain your suit on your hanger.

    The vertical storage of a wet suit naturally leads to its stretching
    because of the weight of the water soaked in neoprene.
    This universal dryer is a solution, adaptable on all supports thanks to saventouse
    ( Van, Cars or shower windows...)

  • Carver Surf Racks Moped -...

    Price €149.17

    With the Moped Carver Surf Racks, freedom is yours! On scooter!

    No more crowded parking problems, be the first on the spot and leave your car at home!

    Aluminum & rustproof scooter surf rack.

    Mounts easily on most motorized two-wheelers.


    Price €12.50

    Product Description :
    BACTERLESS desinfects, cleans, deodorizes your wetsuits, lycras, watervest, and hemlet
    The formula respects the ocean, this product is biodegradable
    This product maintenance your wetsuits for best conservation
    We recommend you to do it 4 times a years (1 at the begining/ at the end of the season)
    1L Container, for long time use
    Utilization :
    -    2 caps for 1L of water
    -    Let soak during 30 minutes
    -    It’s over ! No need to rinse