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Step 1 : We collect your wetsuit :


We build wooden collectors in La Rochelle which are then made available to our partners: surf and sailing schools, surf shop, and WakePark. If you don't have one around you yet, you can also buy a recycling stamp on our website. We collect all types of neoprene wetsuits!


Step 2 : We shred the wetsuits:


We transport your wetsuits back to our dedicated recycling area in La Rochelle. We cut the zippers, then we grind the wetsuits to make a neorprene granulate..


Step 3: Finally, we give a second life to your wetsuit:

The transformation of your wetsuit into granulate allows you to create a stuffing for: cushions, boxing bags, fatboys, benches etc..... We are also developing new products made from neoprene granulate such as cork bricks How to recycle your wetsuit You can also drop off your wetsuit in the nearest surfshop As a wetsuit manufacturer, we have decided to take responsibility for the end of life of our products



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