Fullsuit FIGHTER 3/2mm - OYSTERPRENE Back-zip


Including €0.39 for ecotax

  • 3/2mm
  • Black
  • Blue
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Our best-selling wind wetsuit.
Made of Oysterprene Y5 soft and light. An eco-responsible evolution that improves flexibility without increasing our prices.
Oysterprene: foam made from oyster shell powder, created by Soöruz.

- Wind developpement: Forearms pre-shaped against tetany, ankle scratches and calf water exits.

- The seams are sewn and glued (GBS) and reinforced with patches at intersections and critical areas.

- Thermo-Loop: New inner polar lining (50% recycled polyester) on the upper thighs belly and back for more comfort and warmth during your sessions.

- Black Diamond on the belly and the back, exclusive windbreaker and water repellent Soöruz material to protect you from the wind.

- Back-Zip opening system, with its Batwing to retain water that seeps through the zip.(Also exists in Chest-Zip)

Ideal suit for wind sports Kite Windsurf and Wing.

Our THERMO-LOOP lining, 50% in recycled polyester, woven with an ultra soft yarn and special looping method for an ultra soft, confortable and warm feel


Soöruz inside tape: made of ultra soft neoprene, it improves the waterproofness and durability of the seams from the inside

GBS Seams
GBS Seams

Glued on the inside for waterproofing and swen on the outside for strength. Reinforcement patches at each junction.

Black Diamond
Black Diamond

Soöruz exterior lamination, the BLACK DIAMOND, is the best windproof material, water repellent, light and ultra flexible

Dope dye fabric
Dope dye fabric

Integration of color in the yarn manufacturing process: reduces water use, pollution and energy consumption

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