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Since 1999, Soöruz has been dedicated to the production and development of high quality and high performance products. Innovating with you, so that you can live your passion to the fullest.

Soöruz integrates the environment in its innovation process to offer high quality, efficient and responsible products. Thanks to our experience, we take into account the whole life cycle of our products. 


With over 17 years of experience, we are making progress every year in developing innovative products that combine performance, quality and durability. We use our passion for board sports and the “riders vision” to innovate and find new and smarter solutions. We take into account the latest developments in fabrics, trends and technologies. This allows us to integrate our philosophy into our product development process.


Aware of the growing environmental challenges, the extreme nature of this sport and the increasingly specific expectations, Soöruz has decided to structure its R&D department. Soöruz is working on the co-development of new and even more efficient products for the practice of today and tomorrow in complete safety. To do so, we surround ourselves with competences in research, design and eco-conception.



OYSTERPRENE is used in our most flexible and high performance neoprenes, which include our Expert and Pro line (Guru, Guru+, Guru Wind). The process consists of substituting limestone with oyster shell powder.

Sooruz-Bioprene-Wetsuit-350-350-rond gauche

First bio-sourced combination, composed of a mixture of oyster shell powder, natural rubber, sugar cane and non-food vegetable oil. Available in our GREENLINE range.

Sooruz-BlueLine-Wetsuit-350-350-rond gauche

Equip sailing schools and clubs with eco-responsible wetsuits. Innovative materials, recycled materials, long life…. The 2019 school wetsuit takes an eco-design approach for an excellent balance between quality, price and environment.

Sooruz-BlackDiamond-Wetsuit-350-350-rond gauche

Black Diamond: Windproof, water-repellent, lightweight and durable outer coating. It replaces the smooth Finemesh neoprene that had become too stiff over time compared to the new ultra-flexible neoprene.

Sooruz-STORMDRY-Wetsuit-350-350-rond gauche

New inner lining, STORM DRY technology in recycled polyester. It offers better performance in terms of warmth and faster drying. This lining does not reduce the flexibility of the suit and offers a better comfort during your sessions.

Sooruz-Naturalprene-Wetsuit-350-350-rond gauche

Naturalprene is the result of several years of research to develop a natural rubber, with the aim of replacing traditional neoprene with a natural product from a renewable culture.

Sooruz-Yulex-Wetsuit-350-350-rond gauche

Yulex was a solution to replace petroleum-based materials with natural plant-based materials. Waste-free, clean and sustainable.

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