"Since 1999, we have been dedicated to offering you high performance and quality products. 

We don't pretend to be changing the world, but just to make our way
in responsible & passionnate way."

Yann DALIBOT & Matthieu BARAT Watermens & co-founders


Aware of the environmental challenges of the neoprene industry, Soöruz wishes to take responsibility for the end of life of the products it puts on the market. 

We have developped the first large-scale wetsuit recycling  program.
More than 100 collecting points & more than 30000 wetsuits already revalued.

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We live with the same passion, the passion of the ocean & the pleasure of practicing watersports. 


Aware of the market’s transformations due to the current growing environmental stakes, the constant evolution of water sports practices, equipments and riders’ expectations Soöruz has decided to strengthen its R&D department.


From several years, the company’s goal is to reduce its products environmental impact by developing and using new materials that are stronger, more responsible and sustainable.


Thanks to its experience and passion Soöruz can share its know-how with its clients to enable them to have pleasure and live their passion. It is through its culture of the quality and skills that Soöruz is nowadays able to conceive effective products with a great value for money.

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