Flotation vest developed especially for the Wing.

Specially designed to integrate the Soöruz Wing belt, the straps of the Wing vest lock and hold the hook for added stability. Allows you to sail comfortably, safely and longer.


Our Wing Belt/Harness has been developed by our product engineers for the practice of Wing Foil.

It offers protection, support and freedom of movement.


We optimise our choice of fabrics, dyes and prints in line with our Soöruz Ocean Protect Label.

 The sustainability of our textile collections is one of our priorities, because a sustainable product has less impact on nature.

"Since 1999, we have been dedicated to offering you high performance and quality products. As former pro windsurfers and watermen, we want to meet the needs of allwatersports and in all conditions, event the most extreme ones


We don't pretend to be changing the world, but just to make our way in responsivle and passionate way"

Yann DALIBOT et Matthieu BARAT Watermen et co-fondateurs

From 2019
We take care of the end of life of our products.

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