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  • Soöruz Bottle

    Price €20.83

    Double-walled insulated stainless steel bottle
    Soöruz logo inscribed on both sides.
    Capacity: 500 ml.
    Bamboo lid with handle.
     Size: Ø7 x 21 cm Weight: 0.292 Kg

    Neoprene case made from scraps from the manufacture of our wetsuits. We thus revalorize our neoprene waste. 

    The Ocean Protect Label identifies Soöruz products with a high level of eco-responsible performance. 
    It aims to reduce our carbon footprint and promote our greenest products. 


    Never forget it again to save 130 plastic water bottles a year. You can imagine the mountains of plastic bottles that would be avoided if the 67 million French people did something about it.
    In France, we love plastic bottles too much. We sell a million of them every minute. That's 9,300,000 litres of bottled water consumed every year. The problem is that to make a single half-litre bottle, you need 33 centilitres of oil and 3 litres of water. And after a few minutes of use, the bottle is thrown away and has only a 58% chance of being recycled in Europe.


    Price €31.63

    Your perfect travel companion.
    Keep life moving with our 21 oz bottle and Standard Flex Cap. It stashes easily into a small shoulder bag, your pack’s side pocket, or your car cup holder, and holds enough ice cold goodness to keep you going for hours without weighing you down. No wonder it's one of our bestselling water bottles.

    Product Benefits

    Versatile, middle-of-the-road size
    TempShieldTM insulation eliminates condensation and keeps beverages cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours
    Durable 18/8 Pro-Grade Stainless Steel construction
    BPA-Free and Phthalate-Free
    Compatible with Standard Mouth Insulated Sport Cap
    Lifetime Warranty

  • BacterLess 300ml

    Price €7.50

    Descriptif du produit :
    Le BACTERLESS désinfecte, nettoie, désodorise les combinaisons, lycras, gilets, et casques.
    Il a été formulé pour respecter l'océan et l'utilisateur, le produit est biodégradable

  • Universal Wetsuit Hanger

    Price €32.50

    GODRY HANGER is the perfect accessory to dry your suit.

    Today the neoprene and naturalprene of our Soöruz suits has become so soft that we recommend that you do not drain your suit on your hanger.

    The vertical storage of a wet suit naturally leads to its stretching
    because of the weight of the water soaked in neoprene.
    This universal dryer is a solution, adaptable on all supports thanks to saventouse
    ( Van, Cars or shower windows...)

  • Northcore Hawaiian Hula...

    Price €15.83

    She dances and hulas as your vehicle’s motion transfers to a hidden spring under her skirt. The figure has been hand sculpted then crafted into a polyresin mold and hand painted for a great finish. She wears a natural hula skirt, has a beautiful Hawaiian lei around her neck and holds a Ukulele.

  • Carver Surf Racks Moped -...

    Price €149.17

    With the Moped Carver Surf Racks, freedom is yours! On scooter!

    No more crowded parking problems, be the first on the spot and leave your car at home!

    Aluminum & rustproof scooter surf rack.

    Mounts easily on most motorized two-wheelers.

  • SURFWAX - Greenfix - Basecoat

    Price €2.50

    Base Coat : An essential technical product to apply as a first layer. Structure the waxage for a longer grip longer.

    Tropical : Best > 24°C

    Warm : Best 18-22°C 

    Cool : Best 14-18°C 

    Cold : Best 10-14°C 

    Ice Cold : Best < 10°C

  • SEX WAX - Car deodorant

    Price €4.17

    Let the scent of Mr Zog's famous Sexwax surf wax follow you in your car, office or home. Here is the scent of coconut.


    Price €33.25

    Earplugs with an innovative and ergonomic design made of soft medical silicone. Waterproof and breathable membrane, developed by Sympatex®, preserving hearing and balance for users while ensuring perfect waterproofing.


    EQ earplugs have been designed by engineers and doctors (EUROSIMA Technological Innovation Prize 2010)


    Price €5.00

    This wax bread is ecological and does not melt in the sun. Like all Greenfix waxes, it is resistant to temperatures above 60°C when most others melt at temperatures above 40°C.

    Here, in Warm version, for waters between 16 and 24°C.

    And in Cool version for waters between 12 and 16°C.

    Make no mistake, to spread on the board and not on the bread....

    Net weight: 130 g