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  • BacterLess

    Price €7.50

    Descriptif du produit :
    Le BACTERLESS désinfecte, nettoie, désodorise les combinaisons, lycras, gilets, et casques.
    Il a été formulé pour respecter l'océan et l'utilisateur, le produit est biodégradable

  • Universal Wetsuit Hanger

    Price €32.50

    GODRY HANGER est le parfait accessoire pour faire sécher sa combinaison. 

    Aujourd'hui le néoprène et naturalprène de nos combinaisons Soöruz est devenu tellement souple que nous vous recommandons de ne pas faire égoutter votre combinaison sur votre cintre. 

    Le rangement vertical d'une combinaison humide entraine naturellement son étirement
    à cause du poid de l'eau imbibé dans le néoprène. 
    Ce séchoir universel est une solution, adaptable sur tous supports grâce à saventouse
    ( Van, Voitures ou vitre de douche ...)


    Price €24.17

    100% immersion-proof

    All functions can be used through the cover, even when taking pictures
    . Floating: some devices are of different weights, so test in a basin
    . Material: TPU with window LENZFLEX™
    . Flat dimensions: 115 x 195 mm
    . Device not included

    Delivered with: green cord

    Compatible with:

    . iPhone 1-4
    . iPhone 5-6
    . iPhone 6 Plus
    . Samsung Galaxy S 1-4
    . Samsung Galaxy S 5
    . Motorola Droid Turbo
    . Nokia Lumia 1520

    and also: BlackBerry Bold 9000 - HTC Desire HD - EVO 4G - Sensation XE
    LG Revolution - Motorola Droid Bionic - RAZR - Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Note

  • SURFWAX - Greenfix - Basecoat

    Price €2.50

    Base Coat : An essential technical product to apply as a first layer. Structure the waxage for a longer grip longer.

    Tropical : Best > 24°C

    Warm : Best 18-22°C 

    Cool : Best 14-18°C 

    Cold : Best 10-14°C 

    Ice Cold : Best < 10°C


    Price €12.50


    Sun Stick SPF 50+ is the very high sun protection of the sensitive areas of SeventyOne's face. Its formula is complete and water resistant: very high protection filters are a barrier to UVA and UVB and antioxidants and moisturizers protect the skin from external aggressions during exposure and swimming 4 colors: White - Blue - Yellow - Transparent

  • SEVENTYONE Second Skin

    Price €12.50


    Second Skin is the bandage of SeventyOne sportsmen, inspired by the "papaw", the must have Australian surfers. This balm - everything to do - protects against the friction of a long surf session, quenches the skin attacked by the sun, repairs irritated lips, soothes insect bites. In all situations, adopt its 99% natural origin formula. It's magic. Made in France and tested under dermatological control. Before the session, protect the sensitive areas of your skin from the sun with Sun Stick SPF 50+.

  • SEVENTYONE Sun Combo 2 in 1

    Price €12.50


    Practical, compact and highly effective for the face and lips, the 2in1 Combo combines the best of SeventyOne Percent solar products formulated for extreme conditions. The SPF 50+ sunscreen protects your skin from UVA and UVB thanks to its 6 sunscreens. Paraben free, it protects your skin from the sun and also nourishes it because it contains 3 specific moisturizing agents: shea butter, vitamin E and Macadamia oil. The lipstick acts as an invisible protective shield against external aggressions and the harmful effects of the sun. Thanks to its content of shea butter and plant active ingredients, the lips are also nourished and regenerated. Produced in a French laboratory - no paraben

  • SEX WAX - Car deodorant

    Price €4.17

    Let the scent of Mr Zog's famous Sexwax surf wax follow you in your car, office or home. Here is the scent of coconut.


    Price €33.25

    Earplugs with an innovative and ergonomic design made of soft medical silicone. Waterproof and breathable membrane, developed by Sympatex®, preserving hearing and balance for users while ensuring perfect waterproofing.


    EQ earplugs have been designed by engineers and doctors (EUROSIMA Technological Innovation Prize 2010)


    Price €5.00

    This wax bread is ecological and does not melt in the sun. Like all Greenfix waxes, it is resistant to temperatures above 60°C when most others melt at temperatures above 40°C.

    Here, in Warm version, for waters between 16 and 24°C.

    And in Cool version for waters between 12 and 16°C.

    Make no mistake, to spread on the board and not on the bread....

    Net weight: 130 g