Crushed neoprene

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Delivery expected from 06/08/2023

Sooruz Second Life, allows us to take our responsibilities by revalorizing as many wetsuits as we put on the market.
Objective: 1 article sold = 1 article recycled.  The concept is simple: Once the wetsuits are recovered, we remove the zippers and grind the entire wetsuit. The result is a neoprene granulate. The neopren granulate is now available for sale. The challenge is to reduce the quantity of unusable products at the end of their life and to reuse them and to revalue them in other forms. The granulate is an alternative for your various DIY. Companies already use it to make cushions, fatboy, sofa seats and many other projects... You can now also use it for your renovation or creation projects.The neoprene granulate is sold by 100L box


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